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What a great party  
04:11pm 29/03/2005

For those of you who missed the Y2K05 party at 17 you missed one hell of a time. Pat's set was AMAZING! The place was packed all night, there was no drama, everyone was in a good mood and pat played to a packed dance floor all night. As i walked around all night the only thing I heard was how much fun everyone was having and how good a job the Dj was doing. It was the most fun I've had there since i started going. You wimps should be sorry you missed it :-p

Anywho... It's spring break now and I couldn't have needed it more. CCBC is closed and Play Centers is closed so I don't have anything that I have to do. It's so great. I am so stress free right now. It's great to go to bed and not have to think about what time I have to be up in the morning. :-) I don't have many plans for the week except to go to the harbor on thursday cause it's gonna be really nice out and maybe go to the science center. Now it's time to go find something to do

Later :-)
mood: relaxedrelaxed
music: Pat's set from Saturday (yes he recorded it)
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