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Still waiting  
04:45pm 16/10/2005
Last monday we went to the Toyota dealership and talked to the people about my car. I decided that it would be hard to work the payments into my budget, but that i would be able to do it. I need a new car, this is the one i want, so I'm getting it. So I had them order me a Scion tC. It's an awesome car. The only crappy thing is that now i have to wait for it to come in. Since all scions are special order, they don't have any just waiting around at the dealership, so they have to order them from japan. So now I have to wait 4-6 weeks for my car to come in... I'm really excited to get it. I just hope that my car doesn't break down before the tC comes in. That would suck cause then i would be without a car and without the money they are giving me for a trade. Hopefully it will come in soon. the waiting is so hard!

okay... enough procrastinating.. i need to write my speech!
mood: excitedexcited
music: Stephanie Krise- Tell it to the Moon
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