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11:50pm 09/10/2005
Quick update and then it's time for bed..

Started school... it's ok. Speech sucks! Health is easy. I'm still struggling to make sure i do the work for my astronomy self paced class. the class is fine, i can handle that, but the self paced lab sucks! The work is so hard. It's so much math, I even had my mom sit down and try to help me with it and she couldn't even figure it out. I may have to drop the class if it doesn't get better.

Work is going good. The kindergartners this year are even crazier than last year. But at least this year we get to have 2 people so it's much easier. Heather started back 5 days last week. It's great having her back. I'm loving the month of october. Between jewish holidays and professional study days, every week this month is a 4 day week. And next weekend is a 4 day weekend. WooHoo! The only bad thing about having all these days off this month is I need the money because....

The barney mobile is dying, and quickly. The transmission is going up and according to AAMCO it could die any day. I'm happy and sad at the same time. I'm happy cause I get to get a new car. I'm sad because I have to say bye to barney, yeah it's givin me a shit load of problems over the years, but it was my first car. I'm also scared because i don't know if i'll be able to handle the new car payments. I think i can, but my mother isn't giving me much support. She doesn't have any faith in me... big surprise there. But we go to the dealership tomorrow to see if it is a possibility. I think i will be able to swing it... in the mean time it's cross my fingers and hope that barney doesn't break down on me in the middle of 695.

Wish me luck

Time for bed, gotta work kindergarten tomorrow

mood: worriedworried
music: Natasha Bedingfield- These Words (remix)
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