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09:44pm 15/06/2005
Well Schools Over. Grades weren't what i thought they were going to be but oh well. Not too worried about it. Today was the last day of school for the kiddies. I was happy but sad at the same time. I will miss some of them but won't miss others at all. unfortunately, the one kindergartner i was so glad to be rid of, i just found out will be coming to the summer program as well.... *NOOOOOOOOO*
Anyway, it's going to be an interesting summer. 1 annoying boss, 1 guy who i can't tell if he's gay or straight but he seems really un-friendly, and 2 loudmouths. They're all directors, buy i am very much the youngest and most inexperienced one there. I'm sure things will get better... but the first few days/weeks will be rough. Hopefully a few of my kids will be there to keep me company. At least my hours are good and i get to go to the pool every friday. It shouldn't be too bad.
My birthday is in 29 days, and the next harry potter book comes out the next day. Pat and My 2 year anniversary is next month as well. Sometimes I really can't believe we've made it this long. Scary. <3
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music: Reflekt- Need to feel loved
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01:33pm 17/06/2005 (UTC)
congrats to you! 2 years is a long time :-)
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07:18pm 19/06/2005 (UTC)
Thank you :-)
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